Genesis to Revelation

and all the words in between...


The first time I wrote the words “Dear God”,  I was six years old.  I don’t remember going to church, I don’t remember praying at night.  I remember saying grace before every meal.  Yet, even then, I realized the power of addressing God in prayer. This site is an extension of my desire to help others nurture their faith and grow in their relationship and communication with God.

More than 40 years after writing those words, I started tweeting “Dear God” every morning and had no idea what had begun.  I poured my heart out in prayers accompanied by my transparent testimonies.  I have been blessed to see the move of God in my life and to be encouraged by those who have responded to the prayers I’ve posted over the years.

I have since collected those tweets and the “rants” that accompany them into a series of books.  The first in the series “Dear God:  Passionate Prayers in 140 Characters or Less – The Power of Words” is available on Amazon.

If prayer is speaking to God, how are we to hear from God?

One of the primary ways is to become familiar with words inspired by him. The Bible was written to show us God’s perspective on the events and people discussed within its pages.

As a child, I remember the day I started to question “the beginning.” I tried to wrap my head around the concept of where mankind all started.  Sometime around the age of 12 I started reading the bible and studying it intensely.  And it had the answer to all of my questions.

I can’t count how many times I have read the Bible from cover to cover.  Sometimes, I am drawn to a specific verse, story, chapter or book.  But, I know that from the first time I started reading my Bible I haven’t stopped.

For most of my life, I’ve found a way to relate to the people and events of the Bible in my daily life.  It has become a signature in my writings, and people are drawn to the men and women of the Bible as I relate them to common experiences.

While many commit to reading the Bible from cover to cover as part of their New Year Resolutions, I have found that many Bible Reading plans are missing two components:

1)  Bible Study:  No matter how many times I read the Bible, I always learn something new.  There’s a fresh perspective and I am driven to do research.  For example, how tall was Goliath in comparison to David?  How much did Goliath’s gear weigh?

2)  Chronology:  Would you be surprised to know it is believed that Job lived before Moses? Some accounts put Job’s lifetime between the death of Jesus and the birth of Moses.  Looking at the Bible from a chronological perspective can help us to draw closer those represented and help us understand the progression of mankind’s relationship with God.

I hope you join me on this journey as your faith is strengthened, traditions are challenged and you learn to hear from God for yourself as your relationship with him takes center stage in your life.  What makes this study different from any other that I have done in my life is that it will be a chronological study – reviewing the Bible as closely as possible in the ORDER that it happened.  In addition, it address each series events by subject matter, so while one day we may discuss one chapter, another day we may cover many chapters, across many books.

Because there’s nothing more important than a relationship with God.

And how can you be in relationship with someone you only speak to without hearing from them?

 Class is in session.  Will you join me?

FIRST UP:  The Process and Purpose of Creation (Genesis 1 – 2: 3)

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