The first time I wrote the words “Dear God”,  I was six years old.  I don’t remember going to church, I don’t remember praying at night.  I remember saying grace before every meal.  Yet, even then, I KNEW the power of addressing God in prayer.

More than 40 years later, I started tweeting the words “Dear God” every morning and had no idea what had begun.  I have been blessed to see the move of God in my life and to be encouraged by those who have responded to the prayers I’ve posted daily.

Now, just over four years later, I have collected those tweets and the “rants” that accompany them into a series of books.  The first in the series “Dear God:  Passionate Prayers in 140 Characters or Less” will be released in the near future.

Two years ago, I set out to publish the first book.  Life happened.  I wasn’t ready.  Trust me, the book will soon come.

I’m just a woman who is passionate about what God has done and is continuing to do in my life.  I believe that we are all created for a purpose and that we should NEVER trade in God’s blessed to live our mere best existence upon this earth.

My mission is to help people pursue their passions, while living the INTENTIONALLY on purpose life that God gave us!

At 17, I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry.  I didn’t know anyone who was or what to do.  Years later, I am privileged to have the career of my dreams and become successfully self-employed.

You too, can live the life of your dreams…it’s just a prayer away!

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